Шалгуур үзүүлэлтүүд

1. Any legally registered 100% private sector company, partnership, cooperative (here in after company, partnership, cooperative referred to as an enterprises) in Mongolia in non-mining sector.

2. Any legally registered 100% foreign or jointly foreign invested enterprises are eligible and all requirements shall apply. Foreign invested enterprises that have been paid income taxes and all other authorized taxes for the last two years in Mongolia.

3. Enterprises with sales between US$10,000 to US$3,000,000 equivalent for the last two years period, and has been profitable for one of the last two years, as stated in the verified financial statement by the appropriate entity.

4. Enterprises that have been operational for the last two years and with verified financial statements by the appropriate entities for the last two years.

5. Determined as eligible according to Environmental Screening Questionnaire.

6. Have an eligible export development plan which demonstrates their experience and capacity to manage activities corresponding in their scale and complexity with the grant requested, including a set of activities that deepen the enterprise’s capacity with respect to developing:
• Export products; • Export markets; • Export companies.

7. Enterprises in a position to commence the project within two months after signing the Matching Grants Agreement;