Ерөнхий мэдээлэл

Matching Grants
“Matching Grants” means, collectively, the grants to be made out of the proceeds of the Credit to Beneficiaries for partially financing the cost of implementing Export Development Plans and enhancing competitiveness; all in accordance with the terms and conditions, selection criteria and procedures set forth in the Matching Grants implementation Manual.

Matching Grants Beneficiary
“Matching Grants Beneficiary” means enterprises operating in the non-mining sector and established and operating under the laws of the Mongolia, which is eligible to receive a Matching Grant in accordance with criteria set forth in the Matching Grants Implementation Manual.

Export Development plans
“Export Development plans” means the development plans for the implementation of export related activities, such as quality testing and certification, product adaptation, business strategy and planning, production management, export fairs, and training, prepared by Beneficiaries to be implemented under Subcomponent 2.2 of the Project.

Matching Grant Agreement
“Matching Grant Agreement” means the written agreement to be entered into by the MOF and Beneficiary for the provision of a Matching Grant for the financing of Export Development Plans.

The MGF will co-finance the following eligible activities:

  • Business strategy and planning;
  • Production management;
  • Quality testing and certification;
  • Product adaptation; and
  • Export fairs and national and international marketing training.

Maximum Grants level
An individual grant will cover 50 percent and no more than US$100,000 of eligible expenses. No single enterprise may receive grants in excess of a cumulative limit of US$100,000, though multiple applications up to accumulated threshold will be permitted.