This project under sub-component 2.1 Increasing export know-how of Mongolian exporters through training and research on foreign trade will be provided trainings to Mongolian SMEs interested in starting or increasing exports.

The main beneficiaries of this program will be the Mongolian SMEs that are already exporting or have the potential and interest to export. The training component does not intend to restrict the beneficiaries to the non-mining sector SMEs as the training materials will be made available to all companies through the Project website. The customized training will be provided to the SMEs in the non-mining sectors (cashmere, meat, leather, etc.) only and they will benefit the most from this Project.

This sub-component will include various training programs with generic and specialized content; e-learning website on foreign trade; and customized training sessions, seminars, workshops held, with their proceedings recorded and made publicly available.

Who can attend in the Generic and Customized training?
Companies operate only in non-mining sector and excluding those carry out the following activities: military or paramilitary goods, radioactive and associated materials, nuclear reactors and parts thereof fuel elements (cartridges) non-irradiated for nuclear reactors, illegal drugs cocaine heroine, guns and explosives, alcohol or alcoholic products.


As part of this sub-component, research and/or surveys on specific markets and industry analysis will be also conducted.